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IDP Education launches their first-ever eco-friendly digital campus in India

The campus is also home to IDP’s Academy, a talent incubator programme that provides emerging digital professionals with an in-house training and development programme

IDP Education's new and eco-friendly digital campus will see more than 400 digital and technology experts come together to make educational services a part of the digital revolution. IDP, an educational servcie provider, which helps international students pursue studies in English-speaking countries, launched their first-ever digital campus in Chennai's DLF IT Park on Tuesday. The modern space will service IDP’s global IELTS network and student services offices across 60 countries.

The campus is also home to IDP’s Academy, a talent incubator programme that provides emerging digital professionals with an in-house training and development programme. "Our people drive the success of our organisation," Andrew Barkla, the Chief Executive Officer said, explaining, "Programmes like the Academy demonstrate our commitment to providing a nurturing environment for our people to develop new skills so they can master the technology advances of tomorrow."

Now, students will also get a better chance at being connected to the right international institutions, with the help of IDP Connect, a division of IDP Education. "With an entrepreneurial mindset and focus on innovation, IDP Connect creates digital products in collaboration with students that connect them with the right institutions. It also offers a one-stop-shop of services for institutions – including in-country promotion, student placement, and onshore arrival services – enabling them to reach their global recruitment ambitions," added the CEO.

Barkla, who was visiting the campus said that it cements IDP’s position as a key player in the edu-tech services space in Chennai. "The launch of our digital campus is a defining moment as we transition from an analogue company to a digital, omnichannel Edu-tech organisation," he said, adding, "We set ourselves a courageous vision to build the world’s leading platform and connected community to guide international students to achieve their study and career goals. The digital campus in Chennai will become the engine room that drives our platform innovation and customer-led product design."

The campus was inaugurated in an interesting manner wherein the organisers wanted to highlight how digitisation is slowly taking over our everyday lives. The traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony that takes place almost for any Indian inauguration event, was carried out on a large projector. The ribbon displayed on the screen was controlled by a remote and on the press of a simple button it was cut off to display 'Welcome to IDP's digital campus.' Following this, the CEO was requested to lend a hand in planting a neem sapling on campus in support of a sustainable future for the company.

Every counter attached to people's desks in the entire campus has been filled with plants and saplings to make the place environment-friendly. There are several zones around the campus that boast of specific services and skills. For example, the digital events booth displayed a student's journey — from enquiring about IDP's services to the point where they are in the process of filling the application form of their preferred institute — in the form of a puppet show. The UX design zone had a standee that has a QR code embedded in it that lets you scan the code on your phones and will directly take a student to IDP's webpage. The standee will be used at the education fairs conducted by IDP and the QR code will help students in getting more information while they wait their chance.