PaperVideo took the entire classroom online and is offering bot-less Math lessons for free  

PaperVideo provides personalised tests and homework in addition to application-based learning to students from classes 8 to 12

In today’s world, everything from interactions to transactions has gone digital, so why should education be left behind?  PaperVideo, which is one of India’s first digital classrooms, has come up with a comprehensive Math curriculum for Classes 8 to 12, that not only promises to make learning easier and convenient but is also completely free! “Our platform provides a holistic learning experience – with live classes, tests and homework – that is very similar to the offline classes. We even have a regular teacher taking these classes instead of a virtual assistant or AI bot,” says Chirag Arya, Founder, PaperVideo, which is the digital division of its parent company AP Guru, a 15-year-old Mumbai-based educational institute involved in prepping students for international tests like SAT/ACT, AP and IB.

Students can easily visit the PaperVideo website and sign up for different batches depending on which board they follow and which class they are in. PaperVideo has developed separate curricula for different boards like State, CBSE, ICSE, etc, because in Chirag’s words, ‘Even though the fundamental ideas and basic concepts are the same for each board, the sub-topics and question patterns may be very different.’

Chirag Arya, Founder, PaperVideo

So why does PaperVideo stand out when compared to other learning platforms? “There are four reasons,” says Chirag, adding, “Firstly we have re-engineered the entire classroom model online, which is a first for any app or platform in the country. Secondly, we have developed digital books from scratch that are entirely design-oriented. We have highlighted important points in highly-readable and colourful formats that will make learning enjoyable for children. Thirdly, we are heavily tech-oriented in the sense that our algorithm can identify the strengths and weakness of each student and give them personalised homework and study plans. And finally, we have an archive of about 20,000 videos that covers every question paper and every textbook material there is.”

According to Chirag, it is the tireless efforts of his 30-member team for the last two years that has enabled the remarkable growth of the platform. “If you look at data from the last 2 months, more than 30 children have been visiting the site every day. We are getting good feedback and the word has been spreading that this is a good place for learning Math. In the near future, we hope to expand our operations to include the lower grades (currently there are classes available for grades 8-12 only) and make classroom sessions available for other subjects too,” he signs off.