Take it in your stride: Here's how you can leap over your limitations

Nicholas Francis tells us how we can convert negatives into positives for excellent career development

Limitations are threatening stumbling blocks that hamper your smooth journey and prevent you from crossing important milestones in your career. But once you face them head-on, you will be surprised that overcoming them is easier than you thought. It is quite natural that you will be concerned about meeting expectations, but that does not mean that you must unduly worry about it with a negative frame of mind. Everyone does not have the same set of skills, and it is okay to think of some situations as challenging. What you have to do in these situations is always look at improving your skillset to be better prepared to deal with these situations. 

When I meet graduates who are due to appear for any interview process for job placements, I observe that they look for many alternatives to approach the selection process. There is nothing bad about this, but the concern is that they are not comfortable with standard expectations of the industry due to their personal limitations. This is certainly a cause for concern since they need to work on overcoming it to have enriching and everlasting success.

You can work on overcoming your limitations if you are determined, but for that, you need to have a basic idea about how to approach it. These few points will give you a better perspective on the easy way of going about it for your professional success.

Do not be afraid to identify and accept your limitations; you can be better off when you know what you are not good at so that you can work on them. Consider your limitations as the best set of personal challenges that you have to face in your journey towards success. Limitations are often your imagination of the other person’s perspective of you. You must actually try doing things without minding what others are thinking or saying about you. You might not discover your hidden potential if you do not give your best at tasks that people think you’re not good at.