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Meet Adithyan Chandrashekar, the man behind the webseries Malayalis are obsessing about

Adithyan Pradeep Chandrashekar is a scriptwriter, theatre artist, actor and the director of one of the most popular Malayalam web series right now

Adithyan Pradeep Chandrashekar recalls that his grandfather had a lot of tiny letter pads lying around in his house. Well, he didn't use them to make grocery lists. Instead, he gave it to little Adithyan to write about what he feels about the world around him. Once he was done, Adithyan would rush to show it to his grandfather, who encouraged him to try writing the same in a more poetic way. That's where it all started for this content writer- theatre artist - actor and finally the director of the YouTube series Karikku Fliq's Rock Paper Scissors.

Adithyan Pradeep Chandrashekar

Adithyan Pradeep Chandrashekar


If you are yet to watch it, then here is a brief. It revolves around three girls who stay together in an apartment at Kochi. It is a comedy-thriller which any urban woman would be able to relate to, at least to one of the characters. "I came up with the idea as I was influenced by the experiences of my friends who stayed in the city. Being away from family, trying to balance professional and personal life is quite a task. I wanted to portray it in a humorous way," says the 25-year-old.

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Hitting popularity through their platform, Karikku, Karikku Fliq was their second vertical. Giving an opportunity to freshers, Adithyan wrote the script and directed the series 'Rock Paper Scissors'. "As a content creator, I always admired Nikhil Prasad sir, the founder of Karikku. I was over the moon when I was offered the chance and made use of the opportunity. Since they have set their benchmark for their witty and humorous content, working with them was definitely a learning curve as all of them are multi-talented individuals," says the mechanical engineer.

He has been in the creative content writing field for the past four years


After his graduation in engineering, Adithyan decided that he wanted to pursue his goal of getting into the creative field. So, he worked as a content creator for four years and parallelly took part in theatre as well. "I was part of Biju Irinav's Behind the curtain team. Also, I was fortunate to end up in Arun PR's theatre team Fifth Estate Productions and to be part of his upcoming film and theatre ventures. Most of the plays which I have acted were based on everyday situations and challenges we face in our daily life," he explains. He found his calling in acting after participating in plays during his school days. "My team won the second place in the State Youth Festival 2012, but, more than that, I was highly satisfied with the character I played. This boosted me to set acting as my goal," he smiles. "When it becomes your goal, you try to work your fullest to achieve it. Hence I can never call acting as a desire, instead, it was my goal," he adds.

He says that being consistent and making use of the given opportunity is his success mantra. "I try my hand in every field that interests me, be it acting, writing or direction. This gives me a chance to learn new techniques and also helps me learn from my mistakes and perform better in the next. The saddest part is, people are yet to appreciate this as a profession. But, I am content that my parents and teachers never stood against my profession and continued to encourage," he concludes.