This music director from Coimbatore is all set to release his Indo-Canadian music album

SreRam Anand is an engineer-turned-musician who quit his corporate job to do music full time and he loves every minute of it

What do you do when you can't recall the lyrics of a song while playing Antakshari? You hum the tune while you desperately Google the lyrics! So, even though the lyrics might slip the lips, the tune is ingrained in one's soul. But what does it take to come up with those great tunes? Well, it takes practice and perseverance, answers music director SreRam Anand (not 'Sreeram' or 'Sreram') who has composed for short films, games and also played the theme music for Coimbatore Vizha 2017!

His journey began one fine day while he still in college, "I impatiently waited to wrap up with class that day, rushed to my friend's hostel room and penned the lyrics and the tune. Thus started my musical journey," he giggles.

Being a self-taught artist, he was clueless about composing then. And what did he do? He composed about 100 tunes in five months! "I used certain music composing software suggested by my friends. It was a trial and error method, and finally, I got the hang of it." said the 32-year-old proudly.

SreRam has set up a home studio in Coimbatore


And what happened next? "I quit my corporate job and decided to become a full-time music composer, and started composing sitting at home. Just two people came to me in the first six months," he chuckled. Later? This musician slowly gained popularity and set up his home studio, R72 studio in Coimbatore. Stepping up as a full-time composer, he got the chance to play the theme music of Kovai Vizha 2017, which is an annual festival in Coimbatore.

"My documentary on writer Panju Arunachalam was nominated for National Awards in the year 2016. I have also composed background scores for games like I hate chasing highway zombies and Cricket MoM," he said. Currently, he is working on an Indo-Canadian music album series, Meenamma, which is a set of five songs for which the visuals are produced in Toronto and USA. The music direction is done by SreRam himself in his hometown, Coimbatore.

His advice to the upcoming independent artists is to be a process-oriented person rather than being a result-oriented person. "What is the point if you are getting an Oscar but the person in you is unhappy? So first love the person in you and only then can you love your dream," concludes SreRam.