Why you're doing yourself a favour when you forgive the people around you

4th Oct 2020 07:14 PM | Harimohan Paruvu


Rinku_Topper logged into the Zoom call.
‘Hi Rahul,’ she said, speaking to Furious2001.
‘What’s with your login name?’
‘I’m furious,’ said Furious2001. ‘My brother used my laptop. He knows I’m very possessive about it. I’m so mad, I haven’t spoken to him for a week.’
‘Why don’t you use the techniques taught by our relationship expert last week?’ said Rinku_Topper. ‘Gratitude, Forgiveness...’
‘I tried,’ said Furious2001. ‘I’m not able to forgive.’
Jeeves19 logged in. ‘Rahul and Rinku. What’s up?’
‘Hi Rakesh bhaiyya,’ said Rinku_Topper. ‘Rahul isn’t able to forgive. He needs help.’
‘Why should I forgive him and set him free?’ typed Furious2001. ‘I want him to suffer like I’m suffering.’
‘Really? Who’s suffering now?’ asked Jeeves19. ‘Him or you?’
‘Me,’ said Furious2001.
‘Exactly,’ said Jeeves19. ‘Forgiveness isn’t condoning what he did or letting him go scot free. It’s dropping an unnecessary burden you’ve chosen to carry. By forgiving him, you’re doing yourself a favour, not him.’
‘Really?’ asked Furious2001. ‘That’s crazy. But how do I forgive him? I don’t want to talk to him.’
‘Arre, Rahul,’ said Rinku_Topper. ‘Remember what ma’am said? Just change your energy.’
‘How?’ asked Furious2001.
‘First, be willing to forgive,’ said Rinku_Topper referring to her notes. ‘Then use this technique. Sit in a quiet place. Visualise whoever you want to forgive sitting on a stage in a darkened theatre. Visualise good things happening to him. See him smiling and happy. After you feel your energy changing, repeat the same process. With yourself. Visualise good things happening to you,
see yourself smiling and happy.’
‘That’s all?’ asked Furious2001.
‘Yes,’ said Jeeves19. ‘Forgiveness releases you from the past. You’ll be in a better state to deal with the situation, with your brother.’
‘Bhaiyya,’ said Rinku_Topper. ‘You mean when things are stuck, there’s a block in energy?’
‘Yes,’ said Jeeves19. ‘Imagine clean energy flowing through you.
Then your filter gets clogged with stuff you’re holding on to — unforgiveness, resentment, hurt etc. You’ll lose energy, flow, right?’

Pro Tip: Unforgiveness keeps you stuck in the past. Forgive others for your own sake. Forgiveness helps you drop the burden, clears blocked energy and lets life to flow easily through you.