Coach Calling: Students, giving betterment exams can be stressful. These tips can help you tide over

18th Jun 2022 06:05 AM | Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj


"I fell! I might fall and I will!... But I'll RISE AGAIN and that's when I am going to exhibit my BEST COMEBACK! My actions will prove to the world that I have RISEN from the ASHES like a PHOENIX! But... till then I'll remain calm, clear, focused and do my best to clear this obstacle which is TEMPORARY!" 

No! I'm neither being too dramatic nor over-excited...as it's quite some time since we conversed and I've immensely missed you all, indeed. I'm definitely excited to COME BACK on EDEX too... But! The above paragraph isn't about me today... It was the AFFIRMATION that I used to repeat constantly, which helped me stay sane after failing in my exams.

Hence, I have chosen to RESTART our regular conversations by first addressing the lakhs of students who have NOT PASSED (using the word FAIL is just too depressing) in their exams and will be attempting their supplementary exams. I also will not be giving you lengthy lectures as I'm sure you would've heard enough of them by now, but rather share my life's journey and allow you to draw your own conclusions. 

My Famous Five (Tips)


Taken aback? Don't be, I don't mean it in the sense wherein I'm asking you to become rebels and don't give a damn, but rather, asking you all to be ADAMANT CONSTRUCTIVELY. How? Just IGNORE everyone around you who's affecting you, even if it's your parents and focus on planning your approach. To make this easier, play instrumental soothing music in the background (Songs are a strict NO!) to help you focus. Just block and shield yourself from everything and everyone whom you feel are driving you nuts! 

ADAPT to survive 
We had part ways briefly ever since we stopped the PRINT version of EDEX, until now, wherein we have completely moved to a DIGITAL platform here on EDEXLIVE.COM. We all have to ADAPT in order to survive, isn't it? So... Take a step back, OBSERVE others around you, ANALYSE what you can do DIFFERENTLY to get better results and ADAPT. Write and practice, for example, rather than reading and/or by heart(ing). 

Understand what's in your control... REALISTICALLY
Rather than being realistic and analysing rationally the reason behind what FORCED me to take a break, if I had started to blame myself, we wouldn't have met again, would we? All you need to do is apply this in your lives NOW. Understand what's achievable and what's in your control.

AVOID BLAMING YOURSELF for something that wasn't your fault, this is exactly what a majority of you chaps do, because of which you lose focus and get SUCKED into a pattern of SELF-PITY. That only makes you DESTRUCTIVE and the only way to turn the tables is to understand where you messed up and where the mess wasn't made by you. This enables you to gain more clarity on where you need to focus.

Asking for help isn't a crime! In fact, in most cases, we would have landed in this situation because we didn't have the guts to do so. It doesn't make us any less of a man or woman than we already are. If you're not able to cope, ask your parents, friends, teachers or anyone who can help you... even Batman! (Pun intended)

Take a CHILL PILL macha
The intent behind my COLLOQUIAL jab here is to remind you to be as relaxed as you are, when you're CHILLING with your friends. Especially, as you go to the examination hall. Also, talk about something that relaxes you rather than trying to CRAM in more in the last minute. There's nothing you can do NOW nor is thinking about how it went, the last time going to help in any way. Just have faith in whatever keeps you going, believe in yourself and go all out!

As I sign off, remember to keep telling yourself POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS or use mine from above.. Trust me! It really helps. All the best guys and gals, hope to see you all pass and move ahead! May the force be with you!

With lots of love and uncontrollable excitement to be back,
Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj
"The Coach"