Coach Calling: While demand for postponement of entrance exams is going up, always have a Plan B

25th Jun 2022 06:00 AM | Edex Live


EXAMS! They're already stressful, as it is... But, competitive exams? Whew! They're (in most cases) NERVE WRECKING! Add to this equation, the CHAOS of all that is happening around like the after-effects of the COVID pandemic, AGNIPATH protests, NORTHEAST FLOODS, FARMERS' agitation and so on. It's nothing short of a living hell for the students. Today, I offer my perspective without trying to be in any way, pretentious.

Before I begin...
I HAVE TO make this CLEAR to all the students out there, I completely empathise, understand and have even experienced what you're all going through. It might be tough for a majority of people in your family, with friends or relatives (who are elder to you) to fathom what you're all going through, but I REITERATE... That I can!

That being said, I love you all, I am genuinely concerned and I have dedicated my life to helping anyone and everyone. I say this ONLY to make you all understand that I have your best interests at heart when I offer advice which might be difficult to swallow currently. But, I guarantee that it'll work in your favour in the long run. So... humour me!

The reason for me to establish my intent with such brutal clarity is because I'm not even going to debate whether the call for postponement of exams (JEE, NEET or any other) is RIGHT or WRONG. Because I do know that it'll help you all heave a SIGH OF RELIEF and that's enough for me to stand up in arms to support your cause. But...things always don't go as planned and hence, irrespective of whatever is happening around you all, please take into consideration, the worst case scenario and prepare yourselves to DO YOUR BEST... even if things don't go your way. 


#RealityBites hence, always have a Plan B:
The only way for a sprinter to prove his/her worth their weight in salt is to exhibit their potential by running on a DESIGNATED track in a competition. That's the NORM. My humble request to every student out there is to DO THEIR BEST to make the system MORE EFFECTIVE, BUT... not to EXPEND too much energy in hoping to get the DESIRED RESULTS overnight.

DELEGATE as much as possible and focus on STILL PREPARING parallelly, there's nothing to lose, actually. If you get your way and the exams are indeed postponed... you would have been DOUBLY PREPARED and will handle it with ease. But, just in case... the worst happens, you're at least prepared to an extent.

Fight! For what's RIGHT
We've extensively covered this issue in our Edex and YES! It makes a lot of sense to ask the government to intervene and postpone the exams. But always remember when changes like these are being asked for, it has to be FOOLPROOF, RIGHT, ETHICAL and mainly FAIR. But there's a BIG BUT, we have to remember not to make the system weak or lose its integrity. Hence, I again emphasise focusing all your energy on preparation and leaving the FIGHT to those whom you can delegate or designate to do so on your behalf.

If the system doesn't change, the end result will be the same as losing a year, but you'll be frustrated, angry and rebellious. It'll only go downhill as your energy will be misdirected. By keeping all the points we've discussed in mind, you can all ROCK IT ON THE TRACK!

From the bottom of my heart, with the deepest sincerity, I pray and hope that you all get what you're hoping for. But irrespective of what happens, CHIN UP! RELAX! And Show the WORLD that you all outperformed in spite of all these challenges... show the world, that it was indeed possible!

With lots of love and Regards, 
Adarsh Benakappa Basavaraj
"The Coach"